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Welcome to the BLAQK Empire

BLAQK is a movement created to bring unity to ALL people to breed an Empire of Queens and Kings in this and all future generations to come.

We are a Royal family whose 

core values are grounded in Empathy, Gratitude, and Ambition.

Leaving this Earth, and the person next to Us, better than we found them is Our purpose.


And being a lifestyle brand 

dedicated to building a platform that is the bridge of

empowerment throughout the Alkebulan diaspora is Our mission.


We encourage everyone to stay true to themselves. 

Unapologetically embracing 

the beauty and power of

the royalty that is

embedded in them.


We are building an Empire

that consists of every community and the various

talents and skills within them to form an intercontinental 


We invite you to be a part of Our family as We travel making a difference in every city, town, and country.

Join Us on this journey of leaving a monumental footprint in the sands of time.

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