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from the genesis

of the blaqk empire, empathy, gratitude, and ambition have been the core of any and everything that we do.

showing empathy to those we meet, tending to the needs of our communities, and spreading love and hope is the mission of this movement.

the gratitude for the little we have has opened our eyes to how fortunate we are to see how we can be able to help our siblings that have less.

Take a look at

our ambition is that as you help us grow in business, our ability to help and give back will multiply from the hundreds of lives we have helped already, to the thousands.

We are committing ourselves for the long haul. 

Not only by donating clothing and toiletries to those in need, but we also donate our time and financial power to make change a reality.

*100% of proceeds and profits

will only be used for blaqksgiving

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